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Blackstones Accounting Poland

Blackstones Accounting Poland is the leading provider of outsourced book-keeping, tax compliance and accounting services in Poland.


We provide high quality, expert accounting services at reasonable cost.


We operate your company’s accounting and/or payroll function independently - providing you with the freedom and time to concentrate on the core activities of your business.


With increased scrutiny from the tax authorities, many companies lack the resources and experience to meet today’s regulatory challenges.


You can expect a high quality accounting, tax and payroll service level in excess of what you would expect if seeking to implement the same project with an in-house accountant in Poland. You can rely on our trained Polish accountants to manage your accounting, tax and payroll functions fully, professionally and efficiently.


From looking after property SPV’s to large trading operations our accountant teams have the required skills to execute the task with minimum input required from you. Our professionalism, integrity and conscientious approach ensure peace of mind.


If you already have a company in Poland or are looking to establish a new Polish company we will be pleased to discuss how we can work together to provide you with the accounting service in Poland you need. We have a clear and easy to understand fixed price tariff for our Polish accounting services.