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Shelf Companies

It can take several months to establish and register a new company in Poland. In most cases, this is not acceptable for market entrants or investors. Commencement of business activity or investment can face long delays if a corporate entity is not quickly available.

There is a solution.

You can buy a new, ready-to-trade "shelf" company from us.

Each shelf company is newly established and fully registered, with bookkeeping services, registered address and bank account in place.

The shelf company can be transferred to you quickly and easily. As part of the transfer we can arrange for the appointment of a new board of directors and change of name (if desired).

You pay a fixed price.

We can establish any kind of business entity, tailored to precise requirements. Available types of business entity include:

We offer after-sale support to register changes in the company as well as helping with arrangements for bookkeeping support, a registered office address and nominee directors/signatories.

Company formation ( company incorporation, company foundation ) and company registration is our speciality.

More information available here.